And So She Saved Herself – Time Goes By, But Not Oh So Slowly

Yes, that is a Kylie Minogue reference which I am making as I am currently half asleep.

I have finally managed to write another post after starting law school on 1st October (apologies guys, but it’s a lot of work and that’s all I’m going to say for now).

One thing that has been important to me though is the opportunity I have to value my time. Right now I am juggling possibly more than I have ever had to juggle. 

There is no down time and I am pursuing so many of my interests and passions and goals.

This is all great; sometimes it can be hard, and things can be less enjoyable that others, but I am seeing the fruit of my labours bit by bit and that is very rewarding.

The best part of it all though, is that I am learning to value my time. When I have so little of it that is free. I am now considering what I should be allowing to fill it.

When you start to do this, you are essentially taking control of your space, your mental space and your social battery. You are deciding how you want to use these things.

This is all another part of saving yourself

Have a think, which friends are taking much more than they are giving, what business/job/occupation is not reaping what you have sowed into it, what things in your life are bringing you stress or sadness and not any joy? Write a list if you have to, and once you have figured it out – CUT THEM OUT. Time goes faster the older we get, and part of me thinks that’s because we should know better, and so we need less time to make the right decisions when it comes to certain things in life.

Our gut instincts are never wrong, so follow them. As often that not, I found that when I have not followed my gut instincts, the result has been that I have wasted my time.

Time goes by, but not slowly enough for you to allow into your life what makes you unhappy.

Don’t Stress Mama, Tomorrow is Here

That thumping in my chest has had power over me too long

I know you far too well demon

You drink up my insecurities and leave me dry

My mouth dry, but my palms sweaty.

You have left me with the door closed

You have left me with the lights off

No care if I am afraid of the future I cannot see

The future that I cannot control

Who allowed you to come here and wrap your familiar arms around me

Certainly not I

As I badu you farewell

I will untie you from around my thoughts

Tur banned from me

I saw you in the reflection of my bags this morning 

But I saw that you did not help me carry them all day

So why do I need you to cripple me?

I have the world trying to do that already

Don’t tell me it’ll all fail

I won’t fall for it again

My inner self was not born yesterday.

©️Zahrah Kazim 2018

Thank you for reading. If you are a poet/writer and want to share your work then please feel free to direct message the instagram @andsoshesavedherself

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