It may seem like a little thing, but sometimes a little alone time can make all the difference.

Time to think and reflect is so important. This world is so fast pace and especially when your working or in education, you can spend so much time consumed with that, you don’t even take the time to ask yourself:

‘How am I doing?’

Sometimes it makes the difference to just look around you and think about how you really feel about all the areas in your life. Are you happy?

When I ask that, I don’t mean happiness in the superficial running through a field of daisies happy. I mean that intrinsic deep happiness, that really can also be called contentment.

That happiness that makes sure than even when you do feel sad, you know deep down that it’s going to be alright and that happiness that means that you are okay with life right now and how it’s going.

In a way I think that true internal happiness is when your emotions are balanced on the inside, nothing mentally tips to the side of unhealthiness.

A complicated concept, but a vital one. As true happiness comes with contentment.

To change things up. Here’s a new piece of work titled ‘The Stage’.

The Stage


We live our lives on this great big circle

Surrounded by the wishes and desires of our audience

We live to make them smile

Dancing, bowing, promenading, cowing

Our movements tell the story we wrote before

Don’t risk going off script

There applause gives us life

We are the cast

Casting down our smiles beam bright

Shining out against our dark skin

We are not clowns

For the joke is never told by us

Only to.


by Zahrah Kazim (Author of ‘And So She Saved Herself’)

©️ Zahrah Kazim 2018

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