‘And So She Saved Herself’ was an anthology I wrote while being lost in the throws of university.

The question of who I was and how I was meant to conduct this thing called ‘womanhood’ was constantly shaping my every interaction and thought.

It was a balancing act that I related to being the superpower of mothers and grandmothers only. Their strength made the clothes I had on my back, their love breathed oxygen into my lungs and their resilience kept my head held high.

How was I to even begin to be what they are? How was I to balance education, friendships, relationships, career, faith (or lack there of at times), mental health, money and more? How was I to stay afloat against the pressure of things in my life not going according to plan, when instagram implied that everyone else’s life was smooth sailing?

At a time when I felt like I had little control and this was infringing on my personal happiness, I did the only thing I had always loved to do – write.

I wrote poems; some long, some short, some really bad and others more pleasant to read.

Each told a story of a part of my life. They collected the lessons I had learned into one and showed me that I was able to survive more than I ever thought I could.

And so she saved herself.

It is now time to take that journey to the next level.

I want young women like myself to feel like they can all save themselves, write their own narratives, use their own voice to make their own space.

Andsoshesavedherself.com is where we begin to dig deeper into where our issues lie and how we can figure out the solutions.

Whether it is how to be a creative, finding inner peace, being financially smarter or kicking out toxic relationships, we are are going to have a discussion piece every week picking all these things a part.

There will definitely be some insights from industry professionals, women changing the game, and ones who are in the exact same position as you and I – just taking it one day at a time.

We are all super in our individual ways and we all make mistakes all the same, it’s okay.

Sis, come along on this journey with me, let’s figure out life together.

And so they saved themselves.

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You can find a copy of my anthology at: http://www.blurb.co.uk/b/7956925-and-so-she-saved-herself